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Featured Publications

Puppy Mama

How canine therapy helped a 2-tour combat veteran beat PTSD

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Mothering from the War Zone

Military Family Magazine

Army Veteran uses blogging to help others with PTSD


Life after Service and PTSD


PCSing with the Whittenberger's

Mindful Mom Blographer

Anxiety Stories


Dream Pension Faces Retirement Reality

Warrior Wealth Solutions

Mindset Shifting

Mrs. Navy Mama

To The MILSPO who is Struggling: I am Here.

Podcasts Interviews

Airman to Mom

From Combat Boots to Sneakers; Overcoming PTSD

Live with Charlynda Scales


Dear MilFamily

Living with PTSD

Live with Gems Collins

Milpreneur on Fire

Straight Outta Combat

A Wild Ride Called Life

Holding Down the Fort

It is ok to not be ok

Head Space and Timing

Reducing Stigma

Abundance Daily

Using lessons learned to help fuel my passion of helping others 

The Anbrwy Podcast

Helping other Veterans who are living with PTSD, depression and anxiety

Drive On Podcast

Loss of Identity After 17 years of Service

American Heroes Network

Healing while helping

Women with Vision

End The Stigma and Stop Suicide

Begin Within (Lunch & Learn)

My Story on Mental Health and Overcoming Trauma

Smoke &Bacon 

Monday night lives

The Team Room Talk

The True Story

Military Veteran Dad

The Truths I hide

Radio Interviews

EZ Sports Talk-1060 AM Phoenix 

Air date 21 March 2020