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Birthday gift

If you haven’t been following me on Facebook or Instagram then you might not know that i am an aunt to one of the cutest little boys named Jacob Patrick (after the legendary Patrick Tillman) Garcia.

Jacob was born on 28 July at 7 lbs and 21 inches and is considered the first baby boy Garcia of our family generation. He is going to change the world y’all, so get ready.

My brothers best friend since they were little mischoevious punk kids, got me one of the best be lated birthday gifts ever...he flew me out to meet my nephew. You see, i have so much going on in my life between unpacking boxes in a new house, my son trying out for football at his new high school, my husband inprocessing at his new military school AND trying to make arrangements to send my daughter off to college in a different state. To say i am stressed is an understatemen. BUT in the midst of all of this he said find a ticket, your coming out and that is what i did.

My baby brother has turned out to be an amazing man, husband and father.

We didn’t have that perfect childhood. We grew up with divorced parents at the age of 3 and 6. We went back and forth to different houses on the weekends for many years until he moved and then we went to live our own lives. With all of that my brother stayed on track and made all the smart choices while i was the black sheep and barely made it through high school and college. For many years he swore he would never marry nor have children...until he met his wife and his world changed forever and the rest is history .

He is amazing at everything he does and for that i am so proud of him. When his best friend and i decided to surprise him with my unexpected visit it was all worth it. He was so surprised that he was speechless and may have cried a little (sorry bro)..but we knew that it was the best decision.

I have been re evaluating life lately and knew how much more i needed to be in it. I now have another generation to teach, mentor and love. I need to stick around to be there for my nephew and tell him all about his dad.

He may just be a baby to some but to me he is a new life. He is a new generation that will change the world. He is going to carry on the legacy and the name. He is my nephew and i can’t wait to see the man he will become.

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