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God’s Plan

Do you ever wonder why things happen the way they do and then ask God “why me?” Yeah. Raise your hand because I am raising BOTH of mine.

I am so guilty of getting all mad like, ugh, what did I do to deserve that ? What the heck is his plan? Why did he “make” this happen to me?! I was always blaming something or someone else.

As I older I started to see things a little more clearer. I occasionally went to church. I started meeting people all over the world and at each duty station that made me open my eyes so wide I just knew it was his way of communicating to me and through them. They have each made me cry because of the message they sent to me. Each and everyone of them taught me something that I clearly needed to learn. They each said things that I need led to hear. It was scary at times.

How many times did we stop to think what he was really trying to tell us ? Even in the most difficult times ? I used to get a little upset when I was told that he has a plan. That everything happens for a reason. That it is all in his timing. …truth is IF and WHEN we decide to open up our heart he in fact does. We need to be willing to let him lead us into the path that he has already created. I have been through so much shit in my life. Most of it was self inflicted because for some reason I was just prone to drama (Insert eye roll). I am dramatic, emotional, hard headed, stubborn etc etc and some of it was life’s lessons. Then there were things that happened that were just so traumatic that it really made me think “seriously, why me? Why my family “. It took a few days and even weeks to really think about it. What was he trying to say? Maybe it was to bring our family closer together even in the most traumatizing events that we would never would have expected. Maybe it was just to cherish what we had. To not forget what was right in front of us. The list can go on and on. All I know is that God gave me, us, another chance at life (and I am not being dramatic about this one) to make something of it. To show us that he still had a plan for us…and it’s going to be huge. Here is our chance to continue writing our story. To make a difference in life. To share our story in order to help others.

So when you are feeling like you are about to lose your shit and want to give up, call me. Your story isn’t over. I know, because I was at that low point when I thought mine was and that life would be better without me in it. I am still here because he has a plan for me. He also has a plan for you.

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