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I'm still here..

Sometimes we often forget what is going on in the world around us because we are focusing on what is going on in our world. I am guilty of this and am trying very hard not to feel like I am the only one going through life.

I had a recent conversation with a friend who lost a family member unexpectedly and it broke my heart. I stopped everything to reach out because at that moment in time nothing else mattered. Even though it was late and it was via text, sometimes that is all we need at that given time.

I received a beautiful voice message this morning from a friend who, even though she is struggling with her own life, she took the time to tell me that she was thinking of me as I go through my life changes. I cried. I cried because that is what friendship is about. Actually, it is more life family. Some of these beautiful people in my life aren't even blood relatives. They are my Army family. It is amazing who God puts in our life and when he puts them there.

Life has been quite the rollercoaster. We have been put on the ledge of life even when were are terrified of heights. Why do we have to go through all this pain? Why did God let that happen? I often fight those battles and try to just have faith that it is all for a reason. A crazy, confusing reason that only he understands.

BUT, even in the crazy ride that I am constantly on, I am here. I am still here. I may or may not be going through the same things but I am still going through a lot. I feel like some of the pain I have gone through was to learn how to help others through theres. I know that God gave me a few changes at life. So, through tears in my eyes, please remember that you are not alone. I know that I am not either and I will forever be grateful to him for giving me people like you.

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