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Lulu the Maltese

This girl right here. Many do not know that I almost took her on the trip with us to take Haeli to college. After discussing all the things that needed to get done that weekend she talked me out of it and I am so so glad. Little did we know what that weekend would entail. God knew. I thank him for not convincing me that I needed to take Lulu with me. I would have been devastated because I do not think she would have made it. The more I think of the accident and the possibility of losing her the more I have to snap out of it because my heart starts to hurt.

Ever since I came back home she has been by my side. Every step I take with the walker, she is right next to me. Even when I am in the wheelchair she is either under it or next to it. In the middle of the night when i have to get up to hop to the bathroom she wakes up and stares at me until I get back into bed. She just knows. I just can’t even think of life without her. She is such a blessing in my life. If you don’t have a pet, you need one. They will change your world.

Although she is a mere 4 pounds, she is mighty. She will turn your bad day into a good one. Her and her other siblings are our world. I don’t think life would be the same without them.

Lulu, service dog and best friend.

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