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The girl ...

Many of you know that we have a college girl in a whole other state. To say things went as planned is a complete lie. It didn’t. She is so stubborn, hard headed and strong willed that it’s been a struggle. She had a plan and she went with it.

There were many pros and cons to what she decided to do but in the end this girl has survived some of the toughest days and I couldn’t be more proud.

It has been very difficult having her so far away but I thank god for watching over her and for giving us the technology that we have today. We talk almost every day. Some of it silly and some of it serious. In between her training and on her breaks she will communicate with me. Today my heart is in my throat and I am fighting back the tears. She has to make a decision that she has been struggling with for a while. Sometimes we can’t tell our children what to do in every situation. They need to grow and learn. It kills us to see them hurt especially when we are so far away....but this text made it a little bit easier.

I have always tried to talk to her in between arguments and tears. Raising mini versions of yourself is by far one of the most difficult things to do. You tell them all the stories about your past mistakes and the “I wish I would have listened”speeches. Sometimes that doesn’t matter. All you can do it be there. Listen. Let them speak their mind. Let them make the hard choices. It has not gotten any easier but it has been worth it.

Our texts are not the norm but this is our life and how we deal with it.

To all you parents out there - I get it. Keep being there. Keep listening. Keep talking. It will sink in. They will get it. I am rooting for you.

For now, I am going to just sit here and cry.

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