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Thousand Oaks

I woke up a family member marking herself safe from a shoot out in Thousand Oaks. I sat up quickly , rubbed my eyes and read that again. I then questioned “was this rally happening ?” The same city where I attended High School, spend most of my days at , where my friends stayed and raised their own family ? Oh my God.

I then started to see the flow up prayers for Thousand Oaks and the 12 victims from a brutal fire spree from what I did not want to see. …a Marine.

It breaks my heart that he felt the need to do that. That he may not have received the help he needed AND for all the lives he took because of it. I am speechless.

Mental illness needs to be treated more seriously. There are so many of us trying to help…because we kind of understand. We’ve been in that dark place. We have been ashamed for far too long. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Do it be ashamed for someone out there understands and is willing to help you. Talk to you. Listen to you. You are not alone.

Please help me share that if not me, then there are other organizations who get it. We are trying so hard to save lives.

My heart breaks every time I read about another senseless act. Another veteran. Another person who feels like they have no light at the end of the tunnel. There is because there are still some of us who are here to share our story and help you continue yours.

Pray for Thousand Oaks

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