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My Why

I will never be able to explain why I experienced certain things in my life, but what I can say is that I am now finally able to see that I am not alone. 

As a hispanic female with Peruvian/Spaniard decent, I grew up always trying to be strong, it never occurred to me the type of impact this would have had later in life.

From being raised in a generation that didn't speak up, I am now here to help all of us get our voices heard. I am creating a space to speak up and very loud. 

WE survived the most terrible storms, but we are still here. Let me help you make your mess into your message. 


I will never be able to explain why I experienced certain things in my life, but I can now say that I was not alone.

Current Roles

The Truths We Hide Podcast

Founder & Creator

The Truths We Hide Podcast is a safe space for all of us to share our stories of triumph and how we gained the strength and courage to overcome them. 


The Veteran's Story Project

Founder & Creator

It is hard to find others who have gone through the same challenges. This project was created as a safe place for veterans to talk and share what they have been through. My goal is to help all of us veterans publish our stories so that our voices can be heard. You are not alone and together, we can help each other. 


Let me help you tell your story...

Advocating for the Children of            Parents with PTSD            Founder & Creator

Advocating for the children of the Veterans of PTSD, is a nonprofit project dedicated to helping those children whose family's has been affected by post traumatic stress. We want to create a safe space for children to be able to share their story and gain resources to learn how to help their loved one who is suffering. Often times, the children do not know how to process the mental illness and need somewhere to feel safe and someone to talk to who understands. 


Will you help support our our cause?

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