Yesterday my son and I went to spend that Old Navy cash. You know the one that you “earn” when you spend a certain amount ? It gets me every time 🤦🏻‍♀️ Spend $75 and get $30 off....I can never just stick to that set amount. They are genius 🙄. After we spent “the cash”, he asked if we could go look at shoes. It was so damn hot outside that I hesitated I decided why not. More time to spend with the boy who rarely wants to leave the house.

We end up at the Vans store in the mall. He was looking for a specific pair of shoes and I went along with it. While he was trying to make up his mind, i decided to go look at the women’s section. I knew that I didn’t need another pair of shoes, but they had one on sale! I told myself that if they didn’t have my size then it wasn’t meant to be. The lie that never ends up working 😂. Well, not only did they have my size, they were only $39 AND my son thought they were “cool”.

i will always love seeing my son smile. Taking about how he needs another pair of black and white vans, and which skateboard he would like for his birthday. One day I won’t be able to have random talks with my 16 year old son. One day he may want to stop hanging out with me in public. For now, I will take all that I can get.

Thank you Vans shoes for bringing us a little bit closer together.

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