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It is an honor and a dream to be able to support small businesses that give back to our community. 


Smile Mail

SmileMails are voice recorded cards for the military or anyone who needs a smile. 


Pick a card

Record your voice message

Add your picture

They mail it to your loved one for you

Use code: LIFE


Our mission is to encourage people to #shareasmile through kindness and inspire people to find reasons to #smilethrough struggles!! This too shall pass!

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring… All of which have the potential to turn a life around.


A female veteran owned small business with a mission to empower Veteran Employment, Reduce Waste and Strengthen Shared Civil-Military Understanding.


A small business ran by 15 year old Miller Browning. His mission was to honor his great grandad and great uncle who were both farmers. It all started with a farmer shirt which has now grown into much more.. Miller has given back to his community in more ways than one. Check out his website to see what has been doing and to order merchandise. 

                             Use Code: WILDRIDE


A small business ran by Army Veteran, mother and Military Spouse, Kindra Paravecchia.  Village and Coast handles a range of design projects, from paint color consultations, digital designs, to decorating a room, to a full-scale design for major renovation


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Smoke & Bacon, is A Community of passionate individuals on a social media platform with over 30+ different unique communities and growing. Smoke & Bacon is also a social media platform for people to question the status quo. Both those who are curious and those who ask W.T.F. You know what that means.

Connect with people who share your interests with any of our other communities:
• With 30+  communities, you'll find something for all your interests and discover more groups relevant to you.

Click the link to join our community. 

Click here to purchase any of my limited edition merchandise

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Really?Designs is a military (U.S.Navy) Veteran Owned Business ran by David, Ginger and their daughter also known as the "Boss". 

As the CEO and Lead Designer, David suffers from PTSD, Anxiety and Sleepless nights. Together they have created a business because their daughter was born with a non-traumatic brain injury. They needed a home to care for her full time, thus Really?Designs was created and has  been a favorite in the Veteran Community. I invite you to check out what they are doing as well as shop my own store front on their site. Want something that you don't see? Let us know!

Click the link to the right to shop!

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Retired Social Security Claims Specialist and military family member.. Expert help with SSDI for Veterans - along with resources, support, and creative solutions. Insider knowledge to help you maximize your chances of approval. I care! #ssdiinsidersecrets

Hermosillo wine logo.jpg

When uncontrollable things happen, Cynthia and Shawn figured out how to cope and use their goals, dreams and visions to conquer what could have been negative experiences.  They lost not only their home in the 2017 Tubbs Northern California Fires, but their  community, neighborhood, business opportunities, and three pregnancies. After the fires they decided to go on an adventure because it’s one of the ways that they coped. They left for two months and traveled six countries in Europe and came back with a different perspective and ideas of making their own wine label. Once they returned to the USA they started crushing grapes and making their own wine label into a business which has now turned into The Hermosillo Family Wines label producing Pinot Noir in Sonoma County.

Use Code Word "Annette" for a little something special 

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We're a monthly subscription box service dedicated to supporting the Veteran businesses in our community. Our boxes are filled with a wide variety of products, all from Veteran owned and operated businesses.

Use this link to get your own combat boxes!

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At Scars & Stripes Coffee we want to empower veterans and connect them with communities all across this great country by developing the largest veterans-only salesforce. Now, all veterans across America will have a team to join following their military service.

Shop the link below but make sure to email for discount code and tell them I sent ya. 

Link to website here

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Kendel Paulsen, owner of Purpose Driven Life Coach, LLC, specializes in working with women who are struggling to find their identity in the chaos of life, family, and/or career. Kendel succeeds in bringing forth from her clients their purpose driven goals even if the client arrives with more questions than answers. Kendel’s aim with each coach-client relationship is the creation and support of a concrete and workable strategy that ensures success. 


First sessions are ALWAYS free = FREE 30 Minute Introductory Session - military active duty, spouses and veterans/retirees receive a 20% discount off of the $90/hr. fee 


Success is Living Your Purpose

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Pinkerton & Co. makes heirloom quality handcrafted leather products. Everything from purses to saddles. Pinkerton & Co. Is a Disabled Combat Veteran Owned and Operated Company that tries to source all product from the USA. We do specialize in Custom Handcrafted orders to make the perfect piece for you.

10% Off with discount code awildride


Mountain UP Cap Company is inspired by military, law enforcement, and adventurers. Mountain Up was founded by veterans who believe in patriotism, adventure, and giving back to their world community. For premium cap, cap accessories, and custom caps look no further!

Click the image to shop the most popular coffee---->

use code AWildRide for 10% off

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