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Are you ready to ignite YOUR soul, unleash your truth and turn YOUR journey into the fuel to drive YOUR purpose in life forward?

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"this is where you have to make a choice"

You do not have to live one more day suffering in silence from you past. I was diagnosed with PTSD, depression and anxiety 5 years ago. This was as a result of a combination of things including childhood trauma, military sexual trauma and military life. 

At the time, it crippled. me, leaving me questioning what's next and where do I go from here. I spent. many sleepless nights trying to find my passion and my purpose outside of the identity I thought I had lost. 

It wasn't until December of 2018, 5 months after my traumatic car accident, that I decided I was going to use my pain from childhood, my military experience and the car accident and transmute it into my life purpose. 

"I want to help you do the exact same!

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who is annette?

Annette M. Whittenberger currently living in Fairfax, Virginia understands the challenge of veteran transition and development as she is a Retired Combat Veteran, an Army Spouse and mother a college Senior and High School Senior. 


Because she understands the difficulty of transitioning out of the military as a female, she is able to talk through the steps, make a plan and offer resources in order to fulfill y our passion and purpose. 

She focuses on coaching others through PTSD, anxiety and depression, overcoming trauma and teaches them how to use their message to make the greatest impact on the the life others. 

She is a mentor with Veterati and eMentor. Annette has a B.A. in Psychology and an M.S. in Environmental Management.

"what will you choose?


a wild ride called life 16 week mentorship program

I have experienced things no one should have to go through... 

But now I know why. I am here. I see you. I hear you. 

My philosophy focuses on strength.

I focus on helping you to find the strength to get through depression, anxiety, and trauma and use your message to build a platform, and use your authentic voice. 

We begin by using questions, drafting a plan and storytelling. This will allow you to explore what it is that is causing you pain and will enable you to focus on how to lead to your own solutions, focus on self-reflection and through strength. 

I have been working behind the scenes over the past year building out a ONE OF A KIND Mentorship Program that will teach you everything you need to break free from the barriers that are preventing you to thrive and live your best life. 

I will show you the exact steps to take to overcome stress, emotional blocks and debilitating fear that is holding you captive. 

kendel paulsen.jpg
kendel paulsen.jpg

A wonderful, compassionate way to spend the day learning, loving and sharing life's journey"

- Kendal Paulsen, A Purpose Driven Life Coach

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what you will accomplish

  • Acknowledge and Craft Your Story

  • Begin Your Self Healing Journey

  • Find Your Voice to Begin Helping Others

  • Develop Your Online Business Platform

  • Determine How You Will Serve

  • Bild an Audience Organically

  • Launch Your Mission

what's included

  • Weekly Meeting

  • Weekly Workbooks

  • Weekly Action Plan

  • Unlimited Communication via Messenger/Email Between Meetings

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Access to Guest Experts

the journey begins now....

Orientation begins on Monday March 8, 2021

Mentorship program begins tuesday, march 23, 2021

month 1: developing the winning mindset

WEEK 1: Transitioning from Suffering in Silence to Embracing Your Journey

  • Learning how and when to ask for help

  • Finding your identity

  • Learning trust

  • Feeling Worthy

WEEK 2: Overcoming Trauma

  • Learning that it was not your fault

  • The trauma does not define you

  • Taking your life back

  • Learning to let go

WEEK 3: Managing Procrastination (today, tomorrow and the day after)

  • Acknowledging the reasons why

  • Breaking down your goals

  • Accountability 

  • Measuring your progress

  • Rewarding yourself

WEEK 4: Integration

month 2: your life purpose

WEEK 5: Being the Peacemaker in Relational Crises; The Challenges and Learning How to Walk Away

  • How to avoid blame

  • Giving the benefit of doubt

  • Give Grace

  • Giving thanks

  • Give it to God

WEEK 6: How to Help People in Crisis

  • Being hopeful 

  • What are the right words to use

  • Giving permission to grieve

  • Finding your new normal

WEEK 7: Crafting Your Story

  • Finding your voice

  • Finding the mindset

  • How to dig deeper

  • How to know your why

  • How to use your mess as your message

WEEK 8: Integration

freedom is.png

month 3: entrepreneurship

WEEK 9: How to start a Podcast and How to get started using your voice to share your story on different platforms (social media, blogging, podcasting, speaking events)

  • Content Calendar

  • Picking a topic(s)

  • Picking the best host for your needs

  • Picking the best social media for your needs and audience

  • Picking a title

WEEK 10: How to write and Publish a Book

  • Self Publish vs. Publisher

  • Picking a topic

  • Crafting your story

  • Outline

  • Title 

  • Audience

WEEK 11: How to Budget and balance a checkbook; life as an entrepreneur and not making what was expected; learning how to manage money

  • What to budget 

  • How to Budget

  • The best budgeting apps

  • What to save and how to save

WEEK 12: Integration

month 4: body, mind and soul

WEEK 13: How to challenge yourself in the kitchen/ managing meal plans (it's a mental process for sure); shop, plan, getting through the overwhelm

  • Where to start

  • How to keep motivated

  • Trying new things

  • Planning

  • Making a calendar/organization

WEEK 14: Emotional shopping; feel good buying when trying to mask the real problems

  • Identify the reason behind the shopping; is a need, want or a cover up

  • Identify exactly what it is that you are wanting to purchase

  • Identifying the current emotions and the length of time you have been feeling this way

WEEK 15: Exercise

  • Me time and exercise

  • You can't pour from an empty cup

  • Life as a slow and steady jog; you don't have to run marathons

  • Taking care of you and your health

WEEK 16: Integration

ryan hunt.jpeg

"Annette's story and podcast are empowering the veteran community.

She is making a difference."

-Ryan Hunt, Mountain Up

are you ready to go?

You can expect the unworthiness that you are living with to melt away and a clear direction to emerge. We will work together as a team over the next 16 weeks and beyond. 

We will support each other's growth and overcome each and every barrier that is preventing you from achieving the happiness and fulfillment that i know is waiting for you!






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