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Broken pieces being put back together

It’s been a tough few days.

-Raising a teenage boy who often self doubts himself (more in my podcast)

Thankful to my friends who have been able to back me up at the last minute so that I could be present for my son. (thank you Mandy Pierce)

- threw my back out like some old lady and have been in pain 🤦🏻‍♀️

- computer crashed from a malfunctioning external hard drive experience 🤬 and now am sending it in to a trusty veteran who is going to save me from losing my shit. (Thanks to Daniel Curry) and thank you to Jon Gibson for doing extensive research on how to not just throw this damn laptop out the window.

I couldn’t even cry. I had to keep going. I still have the phone and an iPad. I can’t do everything I want but I can do some. I must drive on.

It sucks but it could be worse.

Here’s to days where although the shit has hit the fan, but I am reminded that I am still here. I can’t let it all out , but need to get back up.

Thank you to those who showed up for me when I was on the floor. Thank you for helping me get back up when I thought I was failing.

As I stare at my non functioning laptop, I am taking a deep breathe and just trying to be thankful that the laptop is the only thing that is truly broken.

Tonight I will be giving a presentation on all my hard work from the past 16 weeks to over 70 people. My passion has saved me and others and I will continue to fight !

Here’s to a new day, broken or not, I am getting back up.

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