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Isn’t crazy how when scrolling through Facebook or Instagram you stumble across that one quote that hits you right in the face or tugs at your heart strings?? It just reminds you that you are not alone. There are other people who feel the same way you do. They get it. They are healing too.

This one hit me and I tagged a friend who I felt needed to read it. She stated that even though we are so many miles apart, that I knew when she needed my wisdom. All. The. Feels. It wasn’t my wisdom, it was someone else’s that just knew what so many of us needed to hear. Life is so crazy like that.

This one hit me. I’ve been struggling a lot lately with this road to recovery from the accident. Some days are better than others but I tend to take it out on the people who are closest to me. The ones that are trying to help. I am trying to fight through the physical and emotional pain and it’s so hard. It’s like I need to be healed already but I am not. Yesterday during therapy I shed some tears and tried so hard to hide them. But, before that I used to let it all out while in the hospital. I didn’t care who saw me. It freaking hurt. Everything hurt. My heart. My spirit. My faith. My whole entire body. I used to apologize for it. I don’t do that anymore. Instead I lash out. It hurts ! That’s why I am grunting when I walk. When I try and sit down it hurts. It. All. Hurts.

It is going to take time and I am trying to learn to have patience. But I can’t apologize for the way I heal emotionally. That may take forever.

I am trying. I really am. All the messes in my life just came crashing down all on that day but I am alive. God spared my life. He knew I wasn’t finished. So when we feel like the world is going to end just look up speak to him. He is there. Let him in. He has plans for you.

You don’t need to apologize for the way you heal but you will heal. In time. You will heal because he has plans for you.

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