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I am a hater ..and here is why

I have a confession to make. I am a hater.

I am hatin in all you Pinterest cutesy people who have time and money to decorate your house for every single occasion.

I’m over here trying to do the Marie Kondo shit and become a minimalist and there you are with all of your Rae Dunn. It’s like you are throwing it in my face.

You know that I can’t and will not fight all of you bitches in the store every single day trying to get one piece of Rae Dunn. Even a single spoon is like walking in fire.

I scroll through Pinterest and want to throw up. It gives me anxiety. I sit there and question how in the hell do they do that? Where do they store all of their décor once that occasion is over? I say occasion because it seems as though y’all decorate for every damn thing.

Yeah, I’m hatin.

I’m hatin because when I decorate that shit needs to last all year long. Who has time for that? Where are you all getting the money to pay for it? Are job drug hustling on the side? Like. For. Real.

I am actually getting quite sick of you all being so damn cute. Stop it already. I’m just trying to keep my freaking house clean.

Does Rae Dunn sell mops and brooms?

Wait, don’t tell me. I may have to sell my soul to get something with her name on it.

So, go ahead and decorate every inch of your perfect house. I will be here praying that one day we can use our kitchen table for something other than bills, keys and décor that may or may or may not ever go up. You can take your farmhouse, Rae Dunn and Gaines lovin’ self out the door.


Mom of teens, 4 dogs and a perfectly lived in house

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