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I am so over it

Truth bomb for today ....

Not only had it be an emotional year physically , it has been one emotionally.

Medical bills/auto bills are no joke.

If you are looking for auto insurance do not just look for the cheaper one. Look for the coverage; especially uninsured motorist.

The person didn’t have insurance and even after hiring two lawyers there was nothing that could be done in the state of Texas. We’ve done the research.

Thankful for our insurance companies but it is never that easy.

It’s been a year and we are still dealing with bills.

I have been doing this on my own. Making the calls; fighting for our rights and what we deserve.

Medical facilities will treat you but they also want to be paid.

For military members it is so much different and I am still learning as I go.

I am emotionally drained and haven’t cried for months until today.

I am tired y’all. I should have been a lawyer. Maybe I will go into another profession to help those that are in these types of situations.

I won’t stop but damnit, I am tired.

This one is for my daughter.

I will keep making these calls. I will keep fighting.

But, please, send those prayers for some kind of peace in the near future, because now I am angry all over again.

If you ever have any questions, please hesitate to reach out. If I don’t have the answer, I can surely point you in the right direction. This isn’t over yet.

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