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Jack n Al Embroidery

This weeks highlight is Tomaika Abraham of Jack n Al Embroidery. I met this sweet lady through our Rosie Chapter Cohort. She is a very creative person who does not give enough credit to herself (all meant with love ma'am), as she creates amazing work. What you see pictured here is just one of her pieces. I told her what I wanted and she made it happen. I love it! Also included in a very cute pink gift bag was her cute sticker, washing instructions (because sometimes we really do need to be reminded) and her card with Testimonials on the back!

What Tomaika didn't know was that on that very same day that I contemplated attending the Military Spouse Conversations meetup, I was having a hard time that day. It took everything for me to just leave the house. Knowing that I would be supporting other military spouses made me realize that I needed to be present and in the moment, if not for me, then for them. I am passionate about helping to support other women, veterans and military spouses.

After I shared my story that morning, she tapped me on the shoulder and reminded me that I was someone's light in this life. .... It brought tears to my eyes and actually helped me get through the rest of the weekend. Thank you for your simple act of kindness.

Tomaika is a military spouse and mom who loves to create unique gifts. It gives her great pleasure to see products created and worn highlighting a person's personality and spirit. Her interest in machine embroidery began a few years ago when she fell in love with a pair embroidered bloomers. She thought that it was a great idea to personalize an outfit. She believes in staying busy throughout the year as a vendor at craft shows and military spouse luncheons in which she is able to showcase her work.

It is a blessing to know her and have a piece of her work so that I may spread my message in order to help others.

Thank you for what you do and I look forward to seeing more of your creations.

You can find her on Etsy and on Facebook

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