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Happy Tuesday! I am starting something new and am so excited. I have been involved in a cohort provided by the Rosie Chapter, in which they offer a Service2CEO Program in several chapters across the country. The one here at Fort Belvoir has been an experience I will never forget. I have met some of the most amazing Entrepreneurs comprised of Military Spouses and Veterans. Because of all the amazing work they are doing, I thought I would share some of their amazing work. For today's blog, I am showcasing Christina Tello and her beautifully crafted and well thought out journals.

Read below for more information on how to get your hands on one and to read more about the amazing person that she is.

Christina is the creator of Unleash Your Truth and a military spouse who holds powerful online and in person workshops to teach women how to use journaling as a tool to remove their limiting beliefs, conquer their fears, find their identity, and step into their authentic selves. Christina has also designed and published two self love journals that aim to help you focus on your self love routine. Christina’s mission is to empower and encourage women all over the world to not be scared to do the dirty work that comes with self growth.

You can preorder the next journal at this link

I encourage you all to connect with her on Facebook at Unleash Your Truth so that you can learn more about using journaling as a tool to live your best life.

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