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Milspouse Conversations

This past weekend I attended an event called "Milspouse Conversations" hosted by two lovely military spouses. They created this group in order to give spouses a safe place to talk openly without judgement. It was such an inviting atmosphere and something I will absolutely make the effort in attending again.

Even their Facebook page makes you want to come meet the creators of this group. "Milspouse Conversations is a safe space where we can connect, grow, have vulnerable conversations, and to encourage and support eachother. This group is also an extension of our monthly meetups. Whether you are in the Ft Belvoir area or not you are more than welcome join in on the conversations".

I am going to be honest and tell you all that I sometimes find it difficult to interact with a large group of people. I get anxiety and at times feel uncomfortable. I was not sure if I was going to attend this event or not. Something told me to get up, get ready and drive down there. You know at least 3 of the ladies that will be in attendance as they are in your Rose Chapter Cohort class. You see them every two weeks. They seem nice :). Those are the thoughts that go through my head.

I am so glad that I went. I met so many other amazing women and even felt comfortable enough to share my deepest secrets about my family life. I was constantly reminded that yes, I am here for a reason and that I am a light in someone's life. Tears... It is such an amazing feeling to be surrounded by like hearted and like minded individuals, and especially women.

The topic was to discuss negative talk. I never realized how much of that I do. WE have to remind ourselves that we are enough. We are here for a reason. We have a story to tell and you never know who is listening or reading what you have to say. Be that light. Be that supporter. WE are all in this together and it is about time that we show it. Thank you to Sybil and Christina for creating this group. You are making a difference and I am so blessed to have crossed paths with you.

If you are wanting to be surrounded by positivity and love then find your way to Milspouse Conversations and tell them I sent ya.

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