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My word for 2020

As I was reading everyone’s New Years resolutions and words for this year, I didn’t even have to think twice.


This was the first word that popped into my head. These past few years have been surprising for me. I know that God is listening because when I take a pause to think about a word or phrase for the next chapters in my life, he sends a sign almost immediately.

Being stubborn is never a good thing ..

That did not always happen that way. In fact, I am a very stubborn and independent person. I often shut down during the most difficult moments. I close off and refuse to see the things that I need to see right in front of me.

He has not given up on me yet and I am seeing clearer now.

Why this word exactly ?

This word stood out immediately.

This year it’s about worth.

Reminding yourself what your worth is.

Reminding yourself to take those big scary steps because it is worth it.

Look at what is front of you because what was worth it then maybe not be worth it now ..meaning people and negativity.

A huge reminder-

Remember to surround yourself with people, places and things that are with your time. That are helping you to become a better version of yourself.

Your past does not define you. It just taught you some very valuable lessons, all that made you who you are now.

I am worthy. Repeat that again.

This my word because I know my worth and I will never let anyone take away my party lights at the end of that tunnel. I am worth much more.

What is your word or words?

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