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Speechless and humbled

Repost from one of my mentors. I am in awe.

”A VITAL Lesson in Business Mindset 🥳

MIC was full of amazing experiences and people. But it also marked a change for me in mental toughness. I had planned for this for 2 months, had made arrangements with KurtJamie Ballash and was pretty committed.

A lot of stuff happened that got in my head. Money was tight because I was still waiting on my Korea pay, and I had failed to realize Air Force Reserve drill was the same weekend that MIC was. Plus I hadnt bought a plane ticket. ✈️

4 different times, I just said, "the hell with it" thinking no one would care if I skipped it. I made bitch excuses in my mind because its always easier to take the coward's approach and just walk away.

Then one day it hit me. "Find an excuse to win" as the Navy SEALs say. Instead of finding excuses to not go, why not find reasons TO go.

The biggest reason of all finally hit me. One person at that event will be thrilled to meet me. They might like my content, they might be a fan. But you cant let them down.

I now had fire in the gut. 🔥

I reviewed my warm leads list, raised $2k in 3 days from clients and course fees and John Renken was a CHAMPION at helping me book my tickets. I reached out to my reserve unit and requested a reschedule.

I checked dates and realized that even if I had drill, I could fly out Sunday and still make 2/3 days of the event. I would win either way.

So I went. I left at 6pm, flew all night, and was wheels down in DC at 7am Monday. So when you guys met me, I had literally just stepped off a plane and running on 2 hours sleep. Kurt was nice enough to pick me up.

At the Russia House dinner, it happened. My "why."

Annette Marie Whittenberger showed up and when I saw the look in her eyes, I knew that she was the reason I made the trip.

See Annette and I have a history. I came back last year from my Middle East deployment after losing my mom to cancer and Annette was one of the first video calls I had. She bought some of my Ebooks and really liked my content. She herself was going through some family and health stuff and we had some great talks about her goals and her future.

One day I noticed she was going through a tough time and shot a personal video and sent it to her. She said she cried watching it and it brought her comfort.

So when she arrived at Russia House and was at MIC, it made it all worthwhile. Hearing about her delivering at her speaking gig and her next steps. I may have suggested that she "makes hot daughters" and that Patrick Burt would make a good son in law. (Im super subtle).

If you guys want to meet a rising star with a GREAT attitude on life, reach out and send her a friend request. Annette is amazing. - Rob the Warrior Strategist 😎

Thanks for helping me break through and achieve what I didnt think I could do.”

I don’t think Dr Rob Garcia will ever know how much this post means to me.

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