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Thankful, Grateful, Blessed

I was interviewed for a podcast today and it was just Episode part I of II and I am so excited ! I am always so grateful for being interviewed because I know that I am making a difference. To be seen as someone who is strong was always a surprise to me. I never thought of myself that way. It was just another thing that I had gotten through and another lesson learned.

I was asked a question that certainly made me think. It was “what is the one thing that you wished someone would have told you before joining the Army?” I hesitated and immediately said “that my life would change forever”.

It did change and in more ways than one. When I found myself in certain situations, I used to sulk in self pity. I used to ask ”why me” quite often. I never really saw what that situation would end up like in the future. Not until now.

The saying “it all happens for a reason” used to make me so angry. I hated it. Now, it is what made me who I am. It is quite unreal you see. All of the “bad” things that bad happened to me when I was younger up until present day has certainly made me appreciate the little things. It has made me open up my eyes to see the bigger picture. God knew all along what my path would be. I was just to busy trying to find all the answers.

Today, I am saying thank you for still being here. Thank you to God for never giving up on me and trying to point me in the direction I am supposed to be on. It took me 20 + years to see it, But I am here and I will keep on going.

Thank you to those who believe in me and for helping me share my story. This life isn’t easy but I will continue to help as many people as possible.

Cheers to bigger things in the future.

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