The Fort Hood Shooting, 10 Years Ago

Not a reminder that we wanted to have but it is real. On this day 10 years ago...

I remember this day all too well. During this time, our unit had moved to the far side of the post right off of Clear Creek Road at Fort Hood, TX. I was just about to leave for the very same building that this all occurred in. I was going to try and get up records updated before going home that day.

At the very last minute, my friend had asked for a ride home because she didn't have her car that day. I decided that I could just do it tomorrow.

As we were heading out the gate to leave post, there was so much traffic. I was getting really irritated because I was trying to get back in time to pick up the kids . We were stuck in that line for what seemed like forever.

Then It started... what we thought were rumors were in fact really happening. There was a shooter. With tears in my eyes as I write this right now, I couldn't believe what was happening. Everything was on lock down. WE couldn't leave post. My kids could not leave after school care. No one could leave because at the very moment we just lost several Soldiers to someone that we thought we could trust. That could have been me but it wasn't. It was all of them. Innocent souls who were just trying to live a normal life...

We will never forget. May you all rest in peace.

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