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University of Idaho Operation Education

Did you know how many resources are out there an available? No? Neither did I. I spoke to a friend and former brother in arms a few weeks ago who is doing incredible things. Now that he is retired, he continues to help military families.

Read more on one of the most amazing opportunities that I never knew existed.

University of Idaho Operation Education is a leading scholarship and assistance program for disabled military veterans and their families.

Operation Education® is the nation’s leading scholarship and assistance program for military veterans

with disabilities. It is available to military personnel who sustained permanent disability while serving

our nation since September 11, 2001. Spouses of qualifying veterans also are eligible for the scholarship.

We know that the transition from battlefield to business can be challenging. We are here so that you

and your spouse don't have to face that challenge alone. Let us work with you to achieve success in the

classroom, the community and in society by helping you attain your college degree. Successfully

completing a certification program or degree program, whether it be a bachelors, masters or PhD, can

help jumpstart the next phase of your life.

The University of Idaho recognizes that for many veterans with disabilities, returning to a productive and

satisfying life is about more than just money. Rather, it is about the need for comprehensive and

integrated support. That is why we provide individualized scholarships that address the financial,

academic and social challenges that come with reintegrating into civilian life. Our scholarships can assist

with tuition, books and fees, on-campus housing, transportation, medical assistance, childcare, adaptive

equipment, mentoring and tutoring. We also provide assistance with academic and career planning,

networking and internship and job placement.

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