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Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Repost from the amazing John Krotec-

Hello Friends & Lovers of Freedom & Veteran Wisdom,

On this episode of Straight Outta Combat Radio, 'Audio-Medicine' by GreenZone Hero, I was humbled and honored to interview U.S. Army Veteran, Military Spouse, Mom, and Blogger Annette Marie Whittenberger. She is now on a serious mission to help others through some of their darkest times.

Annette's "A Wild Ride Called Life" interview is now available on the Heroes Media Group network, founded by Mr. Adam Bird, Army Veteran. Once again, this episode was arranged & edited by U.S. Army Veteran himself, Mr. Pete A Turner.

Listen to Annette's interview here:

U.S. Army Army Times Mothers Helping Mothers Military Spouse Military Spouse Chronicles A Wild Ride Called Life, LLC.

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