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I’m not done yet

It’s been such an emotional roller coaster lately. Today I was asked “do you ever wonder why he kept you here?” This referring to the car accident that happened 10 months ago. The event that replays in mind daily. The intricate details that will never leave my head. I remember about 90% of it. My answer- “sometimes I am not even sure”. Why me? I am sure we ask this quite often when we experience happiness, sadness or grief. I don’t have the answer. My eyes still fill with tears when I am reminded of what happened or when a stranger sees my scars and in disbelief ask me what happened and if I am ok. Yes I am and yes I will be. This is going to take time but for now my mission in life has completely changed. Helping others cope heals me. I am listening. I hear you. I am still fighting. I don’t know why he kept me here but I do know that he isn’t done with me or or my daughter just yet.




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