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Is it February yet?

The New Year (month) is almost over...

How in the world is January almost over? Wasn't it just the first like yesterday? Seriously, I am all over the place with new goals, new vision and yet trying to keep my sanity all in one. How are you all handling this? Isn't always just a crazy time after the holidays and after a 2 week break with the kids? oye!

Who traveled and who stayed local? I personally stayed local as my daughter came home from college. This thinking she is an adult thing is so overrated. She is 19 going on 30 (insert eye roll). I don't even remember being this sassy at that age. In fact, my mom would have slapped right out of me If I was. Are you even enjoying this month or is it playing catchup in full swing?

Back to the grind

This year I decided to NOT make a resolution. I chose to make goals. Do I want to lose the weight I was supposed to for the last 5 years? Sure. Do I want to go to the gym ? Sure... this time it is because I am so out of shape and still in recovery mode (kinda), I decided to go back the gym after three whole years... no kidding.. I did it to gain my flexibility back. I want to be able to walk without limping. I want to be able to lift for more than the recommended 5lbs. I want to feel better again.

Mental Health

I realize that my mental health is fragile. I have had my anxiety attacks. I have my depressive episodes that come out of nowhere. I seclude myself and stay in the house for days. I either go to the gym, work, sleep or watch TV. At times I do get out and network, but sometimes I just need to be me. Not sure if it comes with age or if I am starting to take my own health seriously now. It is so important to just take care of yourself. I am even starting to drink more tea and less coffee. I always listen to music when I am on the computer. Instead of whistling while I work, I sing :) I have loved music since I was a little girl. It makes my heart happy.

What are some of the things that you do to take care of you?


If you are not following me on my other social media sites then you may have missed the fact that I have a podcast up and running. It is called "The Truths We Hide". I won't lie or sugar coat it. We speak about everything. We also share a truth we do not normally tell people for fear of judgement and because we feel it is better left unsaid. Sometimes we need a safe space to say the things we do not know how to say. I have created a safe space to do just that. If you are reading this and would like to be a part of the podcast then please fill out this form and we will get you scheduled.

All the things

As you can see, I am working on all the things I want to know how do you manage it all? Do you use a specific planner? Is it digital or the old school, fill in the calendar way? Do you set out time each day to specific on certain items? Share with me. Share with us. I am sure there are tools that I do not know about.

Until next time my friends... Let's hear what you want to talk about next.

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