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Learning to shut it

You wouldn’t know it, but I had a very bad experience with something so small as hiring a house cleaner. What should have been a sigh of relief for getting help turned into ugly and hurtful comments. It was to the point where I lost sleep and even shed some tears. I need to remember to just keep my mouth shut and to ignore ugly people. Slander is hurtful. Trying to fight back in a no win situation can also eat you alive. It may be simple and silly to some, but let me tell you, Sometimes people can be so cruel. Sometimes they will lie about you to save themselves. Sometimes it just makes more sense to keep your mouth shut. Asking for help was hard enough, but trying to fix ugly was even harder. I have prayed for forgiveness and to look past this. I have learned a hard lesson and that not everyone can be trusted. For those of you creeping on my website and other social media, I see you and you can’t and won’t hurt me. I’ve got this. .



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