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Self care

Self care.

I am the worst when it comes to self care. I will always want to make sure everyone else is ok first.

In fact, my kids argue with me about it. I’ll ask them if it’s ok to leave them home to run errands or get a pedicure. I will try and make any appointments during school hours so that I am home when they are.

Now that my daughter is away at college it’s the boy and I. Dad is swamped with Army schooling and it’s tough to make plans.

These past 9 months have been challenging. Between my physical therapy and trying to heal my son still asks if I am ok. He gets upset when I forget my cane. He asks me why I am so stubborn. Insert eye roll and shoulder shrug. I raised a mini version of me.

The latest is my upcoming surgery. Unfortunately it is scheduled during a time when dad will not be home and the boy will be home alone. I have questioned if he will be ok on his own for a whole night. I have been worrying and stressing and thinking of rescheduling the surgery all together.

Although the surgery could possibly wait, my son has reiterated to me more than once, “mom, you need the surgery and just need to take care of yourself”. When did my sixteen year old son become so wise?

Both him and I have been on and off again sick for the past month. We are always asking each other if we took our medication.

Even through the attitudes of a teenage boy, the constant conversations of school work, new and current girlfriend, wearing a jacket in this ever changing weather and him saying “I am fine mom”, this boy of mine has me on my toes.

I must have done something right.

In all his teenage wisdom, he is right. This self care thing is a must because I am reminded that I need to be his mom. I need to be there even through the constant coughing and sneezing. I need to be wide awake when the college girls calls and needs advice. I need to always be a mom no matter what life throws at us.

Thank you to my own children for reminding me of what truly matters.

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