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The Truths We Hide- A Spouses PTSD Confession

I am honored beyond words that I was chosen to share the PTSD journey of a military spouse.

#PTSD does not just affect veterans. It affects everyone.

Read the article below that was published on Army Wife 101. Link to podcast in the article.

“Suicide is a national epidemic, it effects our Veterans/Service personnel at an alarming rate. But it also effects the "dependent" community. Our military spouses and military children are hurting, and hesitant to get the help they need. I am so grateful for this collaborative effort to raise awareness!


A huge thank you to Army Wife 101 for publishing my story. To Annette Marie Whittenberger for interviewing me on her podcast The Truths We Hide Podcast . To Lynzie Moore for contributing to our survey and for her heart for our community. And to fellow Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year finalist Ashton Reagin for the vision and implementation of the survey.


These are the hard conversations our community NEEDS to be having! Please take the anonymous survey attached to the blog and tag, share with you #MilSpo friends! “

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