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This girl..

The Promotion

This girl right here just got promoted to Major in the Army.

She also was on R&R from a trip from Afghanistan.

What she went through there the first time was a little more than she was able to handle but she went back ...again...voluntarily.

Although she was given an important task in the rear operations, she still felt like she needed to do more.

The Trauma

After her tour she came back full of emotions that she just hid. She hid them so long that it changed her.

We are all human. We all handle things differently. We smile on the outside while hurting on the inside.

Don’t let this be you.

What she wished she had known then was that she wasn’t alone. She should have just asked for help and spoke to someone.

Present day

What I do now is much more than anything that I ever thought possible.

Never did I imagine I would share my life the way that I do. I have lost friends and gained some. What is the most important thing at the ripe old age of 44 is that I come first.

My kids, my mental health and family are what matters.

I now help others learn how to cope with those vent up emotions.

I have overcame childhood trauma, adult trauma. I am now living instead of suffering from depression, anxiety and PTSD.

I am no longer ashamed.

It is ok to not be ok and I help others know the same.

Keep smiling, You’ve got this.

Want to know more or know someone that does?

Free to contact me.

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