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Taking deep breathes today.

What was just a consult with the orthopedic trauma doctor turned out to be so much more.

My arm and ankle have healed well.

My thigh not so much. My hip even worse.

Of the 3 screws that were holding my hip together, one is broken. This explains why I can barely walk and why I am in much pain.

What was originally a hopeful 5 years away is now an immediate hip replacement.

Yes, I am devastated as I am back to a wheelchair and no longer a walker. Yes, I am posed because I was supposed to be getting better.

Yes, I revert right back to the accident and want to hate and be angry....but I won’t. I can’t. I need to focus on the fact that after several different doctors, I have finally have an answer. I am glad that I found out now rather than later when I could have been in worse shape.

I am too young for this BUT it could be worse. Just another set back while I wait to see what his plans are for me.

Thank you for your continuous prayers as I go on this healing journey.

One day at a time. I will get back to the normal that he sees fit.

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