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Would you pay to get into college ?

I am going to go there because we have discussed this with our children....

-The college cheating scandal-

Up front truths first -

- I am a disabled veteran. This means that if my child(ren) attend school in our home of residence (Texas), their tuition is paid for

- we still pay for residency and meal plans

- they are responsible for any other bull spending like going out

- they have learned to budget

- if they mess up then they come home

- any bad spending habits is on them

- they still are advised to get a job

- they must maintain an A/B average

We did make our kid apply for scholarships

We still advise our kid to get a job

We have full control over their bank accounts and can see what they spends money on

What we would never even imagine doing was paying her way into college. Life is tough. Life sucks. It is hard. I paid my way through college because I did not have the grades for a scholarship. I applied for grants. I worked hard for 2 years to get residency and cried when i was finally accepted to pay in state tuition. That crap is hard.

We are not perfect parents but damnit, what lesson are you teaching your kid if you pay their way into getting accepted.

My son is having a hard time in school. We are praying he makes it through sophomore year. True facts. But, he is getting help. He is also sweating through it. He is stressed but also does not like school. It is hard to teach them to work hard and suck it up.

No, school isn’t for everyone. But, he will get a high school diploma. If he decides to go to a trade school then so be it.

It is no joke trying to raise decent human beings in this world when there are people out there trying to take the easy road.

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