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I am finally doing it. For real this time. I am writing and it feels so stinking good. My goal for this year is to get this book done and hopefully edited for publishing. My head has been spinning with constant thoughts. I’ve been told to get this done by so many people but I have been putting it off due to fear of not knowing what to put on paper. You would think it would be easy especially since I publish blogs almost daily, but it really isn’t. When I publish the blogs, I usually give you snippets on my life. The book is on a whole different and much bigger scale. You will basically be reading into my soul 😳.

I am excited though. I have wanted to do this for a while. I have been encouraged and even asked when it will be ready. Life just happens and I have those days where I just need to step away and think. Please send all the vibes, coffee or even an alcoholic beverage my way as I deep dive into this. Here goes nothing. .



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