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Another day at the Doc’s office

Another month down and another pre op checkup. Although I am a little tired of having to make the drive, I know that I am being seen by some great doctors. I am making progress but the hopes of being able to run or even lift anything more than a 5 lb weight is still not hopeful. All those things I took for granted are now yet just in the distance. As of today there is no running or training for that Army 10 miler that I was hoping to not miss out on again....I left with tears welling up in my eyes but tried to keep my composure. I will wait to see what the other doc says in July.

I’m emotionally tired of not being able to walk right ...BUT I am walking. I am emotionally tired of hurting as soon as I stand up. I’m. Just. Tired of all of this. Of the scars. Of the pain.

I know it could be worse. I know I am Alive. I know that I will be ok. But today was just emotional and I was angry all over again.

Thank you to the staff at Walter Reed for continuing to check on my progress. .




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