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I just paid for college...

Because life .... things didn’t plan out the way we needed them to and we have been stressed and losing sleep over how to get our daughter into college. Because of many years of saving (thanks to my mom for teaching me that skill and my wicked obsession with balancing my checkbook), i was able to pay for her first semester of college straight from my savings. It had to be done and i almost burst into tears, but i was able to do it and showed her what saving money can do. Sometimes the kids just see the cash and feel this sense of urge to spend it. I mean, come on, we do it too..BUT i keep preaching and nagging them to save it because they will need it later. I didn’t save nearly what i should have but right now, this very second, i am thanking God for giving me this opportunity to be able to pay it. No loans. I am blessed or just lucky but this kid is going to college. She didn’t have to suffer like my brother and i did. She will learn her lesson though. Once she gets there, the whole world is gonna change. It will be an eye opener and i just pray that she will look back just like i did and be grateful. She will look back and say “i don’t know how the hell mom did it”. Or even “ i don’t know how i did it “ and then pass it down to her kids.

Jesus take the wheel because right now i feel like everything is a blur.



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