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New day

Hey y’all! Happy Sunday eve! I know, I know, tomorrow is Monday 😞 What did you accomplish today? Was it a lazy day or a get ready for the week kind of day? Regardless of what kind of day it was, remember that you still woke up to see a new one ❤️

While my sis in-law @ash.whitt was getting all workout inspired by @msrachelhollis, I was over here feeding my face 😂 🍕

I got to see a former Soldier that I haven’t seen since 2009 and It was so goooood. I love how connected I still am with my Army family. I almost cried when I got to hug her and her beautiful fiancé and son. It is days like these that makes me so grateful for being blessed with so many people in my life. On my darkest days, I need to remember that I have people who are still here.

They still love me with my crazy hair, kick ass cane and goofy sense of humor 🤪

Remember that no matter what, you are loved by many. You are you and are here for a reason. Regardless of what kind day you may be having, you were still given another day to wake up to. Eat the pizza. Wear the crazy hair, laugh laugh laugh all you can and hug those close to you. If I can do this life then so can you.




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