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The truth is, i am struggling lately. Where is the parent help line when you need one. Even all the “what to expect when your expecting” books didn’t tell me what to do when you have children that end up with your stubbornness, argumentative side ( like a freaking lawyer), hard headed want to pull your hair out self. We’ve all mostly dealt with the terrible twos and the start of the teenage years at the age of 13 BUT where is the book about the 18 year olds ?

Sometimes I feel like not even all the prayers can save me from my sanity.

Dear God, please watch over my children as I lose my s$&! Not all the wine is gonna cure this one.

I raised them to be strong and independent but you’ve got me good on this one. I am at my wits end with my child who automatically thinks she’s an adult who doesn’t pay bills and has this sense of entitlement. Like, who taught her that ?!

Don’t get me wrong , she’s smart, talented, caring , giving , naive and wears her heart on her sleeve. She will do anything for anyone. BUT she’s killing me.

But I am also failing. After the accident things changed. My PTSD has kicked in on overdrive. I am more paranoid on where my kids are at all times. I track them on the crazy cool app “Life 360”. I don’t want her to go 21 hours away to college. I don’t want her to date a boy that I don’t feel is the right boy at this time. In fact , I just don’t feel like they are right for eachother at this time. But what do I know?

I can talk until i am

blue in the face but i am a 43 yr old mother who clearly doesn’t understand “love” at this day in age.

How did my Mom survive?

God, I’m gonna really need you to help me out with this one because she really thInks she knows it all.

She should be going to law school with the way she pleads her case.

Help me find a way to not want to choke her out. Help her get her head out of her rear end and open up her eyes.

Help me find a way to let her go and let her make her own decisions and pray that she doesn’t fall too hard.

Pray for us. It’s going to be along 4 years.




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