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This is today.

These past 6 months have been rough. So rough that all I did was be angry and feel sorry for myself. I kept saying how this was not fair. How can one person get away with injuring so many.

How much physical and emotional trauma can two people go through?

It still isn’t fair. I’m still pissed. BUT, I stood up for myself and have to change some things.

There are still good people in this world but sometimes taking a stand for something you believe in is necessary.

I am taking deep breaths and praying hard.

Sometimes the things you want answers for can never be answered.

Somtimes the only justice you have is to heal and come out better than expected.

Pray for peace and for serenity and just let God do the rest.

I can let it consume me or just be thankful that I am still here.

Today, I will pray this and pray it hard.




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