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I was so stressed out this holiday (as I am sure many of you were). I was mad about my injuries. I was mad because I had thought of all the ways to make this one extra special before the girl leaves for college. I was mad because I couldn’t just “walk” and do all the things I imagined in my head. I was stressed for almost no good reason. Why? Because it didn’t matter. We are alive and “here” in the moment to be able to celebrate. I often forget that and focus on things I can’t control. It’s hard. I do it often. At the end of the day the kids didn’t really care. All that mattered was that we were all here together....and they are right. We had a small tree. We had presents and we had family. I need to remember that during those moments where I find myself getting mad or sad over the little things. It’s been 5 months now and I just need to be grateful that we are still here. May the New Year bring us more Joy and light into our lives. May we learn to remember not to take things for granted. .



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