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Rae Dunn

As I start to begin my day I run across these 2 things and I started thinking. I may get some eye rolls or maybe even a negative comment but these are my thoughts and not yours.

In the beginning I was obsessed. It was a hunt that was consuming me. Then after weeks and months went by it was all about the words and the meaning behind them. Positivity and affirmations. It is what helped me get through the shit storm that I have been given. Then I start noticing all the greed and hate that this has caused over some pottery. The upselling and hoarding. It has gotten out of control. I have slowed down for several reasons. One of them being that I stood back and remembered why there are certain @raedunn @raedunnclay items that have hit close to home and so I thank her for them. I hope one day those people out there who are grabbing things just to grab and trying to make money off of it really think hard. To some, these are pieces of things that may actually bring joy into their life. I refuse to give into the greed. I refuse to let others make money. I refuse to pay you for something that you don’t care about. You just got into it because it is now a hot item. I have woken up and I’ve got this. Today I need to make it through another day of pain both physically and mentally. Today these two simple items yelled at me and made me more aware of what I need to do and how I am going to do it. It may seem minuscule to some but to me it’s the little things that have helped me with my sanity.

So, thank you @raedunn for making things like these with the large letters that tell me what to do 😂❤️ .



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