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You made it !

It’s Friday and we made it through the first few days of May 👊🏼. I’ve been taking some much needed “me” time. I’ve been focusing on writing the book, networking, talking about the hard truths and just being grateful for my tribe.

As we dive deeper into May let us remember all those who are suffering from mental health. It is not easy to choose to live with it. It takes a lot of hard days to have a good one. It took me years to be ok with it. I had choices but thankfully God gave me the chance to keep living. Regardless of what happened last August, I have been trying to accept what is instead of what is. The most important thing is that We are here and of sound and mind. Things can always be worse. Mental Health is a hard topic. Be cognizant of your words. You never know who can hurt by saying the wrong ones. Try and smile even if it is all big and cheesy. Smile because you woke up to see another day.

Smile because you can choose to live with the illness instead of suffering from it.

If you need to talk to someone please message me. Don’t ever feel like you are alone. Trust me when I say that I have been there. I have been in the darkest place possible. I am here now to help you and show you that you are no longer alone. .




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